With your volunteer efforts, we can make a bigger impact while helping us to fulfill our mission.

With your volunteer role you can:
  • - Develop engaging experience and discover your interest and talents

  • - Co-create social media contents

  • - Network with our diverse group of team members

  • - Access free mental health training and resource

    Leave Impact fro Eternity (LIFE) foundation strongly beleives in partnership as a way of making sustainable impact in the society. We are pleased to work together with various organizations to help us acheive our goals.

    We are readily available for strategic collaborations that deliver income, publicity and support for us and also our partners can acheive their corporate social responsibility objectives.


    You can join us in enabling mental wellbeing by fundraising for us in ways that are appealing to you. We beleive your contribution is needed to acheive the full realization of putting mental health at the core of public health agenda.


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