Life foundation is an impact driven organization that focus on addressing the significance of mental health as a major component of human capital for socioeconomic growth in Nigeria. Our overall goal is to promote mental wellbeing and productivity through public enlightment, evidence and interventions, provide care and support and raise effective awareness that can be useful for monitoring progress in implementing reform policies.



To promote and strengthen human capital development through integrated mental health service.


To improve mental capital and mental wellbeing for socioeconomic development in Nigeria.


  • Empathy
  • Impact-driven
  • Community
  • People
  • Equity



Promotion, Prevention and Social support

Mental health is increasingly turning into a crucial economic asset, its negative consequences comes with a higher cost and far exceed the direct cost of prevention and treatment of mental illness.
We implement effective, affordable and accepatble interventions to improve and optimize mental wellbeing by addressing determinants of positive mental health and increase protective factors that can help prevent the onset and reduce the risk factor that leads to the development of mental disorder.

  • Expand access to effective and affordable mantal health care
  • Reduce barriers to mental health promotions
  • Promote social inclusion and reduce health inequalities
  • Encourage help seeking behavior
  • Develop human centered strategies to improve human capital development

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